You can extend the range of choices throught to the help of a property finder internal you can hire on commission. You can trust to us because we have great knowledge of the market that ranges from public to private property even to those who are not formally for sale.

What is the property finder?

The figure of the Property Finder is known as Home Hunter. Usually Property Finder are professional people working within the property sector, with extensive experience and fully qualified, specialized people in the research and purchase or lease of properties that has specific features, according to your needs, without going to an estate agency "traditional "or engage in research through the advertisements.

 What benefits has the property finder?

The advantage is, he work to interest of his client, he marrying its objectives. You will also save time and money during the search of your property because you will exploit our wide network of contacts.

Real Estate Fermi


REAL ESTATE FERMI is on the side of those who want to sell and those who wish to buy a property, with the aim of satisfying your expectations.


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